Monday, July 20, 2009

Final 9 are Set!

Here are the final 9 top dogs for the November 2009 final table at the WSOP. Good to see Phil Ivey make it and looking forward to it.

Seat 1: Darvin Moon – 58,930,000
Seat 2: James Akenhead – 6,800,000
Seat 3: Phil Ivey – 9,765,000
Seat 4: Kevin Schaffel – 12,390,000
Seat 5: Steven Begleiter – 29,885,000
Seat 6: Eric Buchman – 34,800,000
Seat 7: Joe Cada – 13,215,000
Seat 8: Antoine Saout – 9,500,000
Seat 9: Jeff Shulman – 19,580,000

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A letter...

Been out of the loop on my Blog.

Hello all. Sorry for the lack of updates, but there's been a ton going on in my realm and trying to figure out how to add more hours in a day to keep up. Unless I move to another planet, my options are limited. *smiles*

I'm a pretty private person overall, but I do want to share with you the most amazing letter that I have ever come across.

I am going to leave names out, where I found this letter, and why it was written. This is something I want to leave to the world forever.

Small and slim, always in black. Short, dark, perfectly coiffed hair. Quick and efficient. Broken English, but always wiling to repeat and repeat until those of us with a less than great listening skills could understand.

Loyal, lonely and private.

NAME was so loyal to her customers, that after the store changed policies on mailing products to Canada, she spent her own money and own time to mail products to a favorite lady in British Columbia.

NAME was called, After NAME's illness, to get updated on NAME's recovery. Even though they had never met, the customer felt very close to her "Charles of the Ritz" supplier.

Lonely, but she never let us know what a solitary life she led or how her heart hurt for those she had left behind. Private. After her stroke, NAME came to realize she was was so private because she felt ashamed. We would all speak of our families, but NAME never mentioned hers because she was show sure we would think less of her.

There was a special connection to NAME...more than the usual supervisor to a valued employee. Again, only after her stroke did NAME begin to understand our commonalities.

One of my first impressions of NAME:

A local TV show made an appearance in our store and interviewed NAME in "her" cosmetic's department. They were trying to make a joke of the money spent on cosmetics and NAME wouldn't have any of that. When she realized what was happening, she simply walked away, and left the gentleman standing with a blank look and no one to interview. Don't mess with her very honorable profession.

I watched this from my home, and I knew then I wanted to learn more about this woman. After all, how many of us would have the courage to walk away with live TV camera's present?

We never knew her age. Even when we celebrated her birthday after her stroke, she told us she was turning fifty, but she was actually several years past. I think that too related to her profession. Not remembering our conversation at the time, I do remember her reaction. She pointed to her face and said, "You don't think I look like this without my make up, do you?" No one saw her without make up until after her illness, and then she was still a beautiful woman that did not look near fifty.

When NAME need clothes, I went to her apartment and upon enter her living area, saw a picture of a younger NAME and it made me gasp when I was her beauty in her youth.

NAME's guilt: NAME acted rattled, confused, a bit lost one day when she came into work. I knew she was concerned about the changes at X Company, so we all thought that was the problem and let her go home to relax and calm herself. She didn't come to work after her time off was over and no call. So unlike her. We soon learned NAME was in the hospital and suffered a severe stroke. She called 911 from her home for her badly needed help. Why didn't I see the signs? Insist she go see a doctor or check on her when she went home?

In the hospital, she couldn't hide the fact that she had given birth because of her C-scars and I overhead a nurse speaking to her about her children.

NAME cried for a very long time when NAME told her that I knew she had given birth. She cried for her lost children, she cried because she thought I would not be her friend, and she cried because she thought others would think she was a bad person. NAME held her as she cried and tried to ease her pain by explaining that NAME's mother had left too as a young child, but as an adult, I just wanted to know her. NAME felt so strongly that it would be unfair to her children, to have to see her in ill health. She was so frightened and afraid that would wouldn't be forgiven. NAME feels sorry that she was unable to talk her into giving the opportunity to know this very lovely lady.

She mentioned a brother, possibly in STATE, a father in COUNTRY and her children, in STATE. At no time would she let me try to contact anyone. I had to respect her wishes, but I did always try to tell her about how much NAME appreciated the fact that NAME got to meet her mother. If NAME has a very strong will and very much pride, I can tell you where these traits came from.

Many from her work family visited her in the adult family home and she really enjoyed the company, but she did not like living in that home. After a year, we no longer heard from NAME when we sent cards. The day I feared came, ironically on Mother's day, when NAME called work to tell NAME of NAME's passing.

Random thoughts of NAME:

1. She was good, kind, hard working. I never heard her say an unkind word about another person, customer, or coworker.

2. She didn't like chocolate, so when I purchased treats for the department, I would find something non-chocolate for her. But it took over a year of receiving chocolates before she let me know she didn't love chocolate like NAME did.

3. She had such an eye for display in her department ans she would wait until she was pretty sure I wouldn't be in the area before she would fix the displays that I may have not set to her satisfaction. NEVER would she want anyone to think that she was trying to correct them or their work.

4. I wished I had asked her about her tastes in music. She always had headphones on when she came to work and left.

5. Her lunch was usually Ivar's, fish and chips, or clams/prawns and chips. That is what she always wanted when she won a department contest that awarded lunch from me.

6. I laughed when this prim and proper woman told me she work nothing but underwear under her black smock that was part of the dress code in the department.

7. Her department was always "perfect", so I was surprised to see her home anything less than perfect.

I took her home after inventory one year. She lived in a basement apartment in CITY, not far from the hospital that she had her first stroke.

Smoking was probably a factor in having the stroke. She was one of the few smokers I have known that you could not tell by her skin or the smell of spoke on her.

CITY's weather suited her because it was similar to ANOTHER CITY. She didn't like the occasional hot day.

I have never seen so many cosmetics, lipsticks and fragrances outside of a cosmetic department as I saw in her bathroom. No wonder she could do such dramatic things when a customer came into the store for a makeover.

She understood that smoking was a part of the reason for her stroke and would ask me to speak to one of the ladies in the store that she knew still smoked. She was so pleased when NAME finally quit smoking.

When I first became the department supervisor, I had the opportunity to go to a workshop for Chanel with NAME. She patiently explained every detail she cold to me. She was so knowledgeable, but never gave me the impression she recognized the fact that I knew nothing more than the name, Chanel. She just shared and taught me about her craft. Then later in life, after the stroke, she taught me so much about people and life.

My job has kept me challenged, fed and clothed, but it has given me the the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of many people. Some of those people have been very special to me, but NAME is the one that really touched my heart and soul.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smack down on the boys! Predator 10 Ball Open.

Wow - All I can saw is Wow for Yu Ram Cha. She beat Shane Van Boening in the World 10 Ball Predator tournament.

One of the most difficult come back performances ever...Yu Ram Cha fought through a 8-4 deficit (race to 10) to defeat the former World 10-Ball and US Open Champion Shane Van Boening. Cha was one of the only three remaining women left in the event with the monumental task of qualifying for the final stage of the event. Ozone Billiards presented the 112 top players from around the globe along with top sponsor on the Dragon Promotions production at the Riviera Hotel & Casino May 11-16,2009 during the BCAPL’s National 8-Ball Championships. The 9th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship features live scoring of the entire event on

The match started out shaky for Cha and routine for the impressive Van Boening. Shane took an early 4-1 lead, which Cha later narrowed to 5-4. Shane then took the next 3 games to lead a comfortable 8-4. The valiant Cha never gave up and fought her way to close the gap at 8-6. After a smashing break, which she switched from the middle to the side rail, she made a tricky off angle combo on the 10-Ball to get within 8-7. The next game was cat and mouse with Van Boening with him leaving Yu Ram a half table length jump cut shot. Cha jumped a ball and sliced the 4ball down the rail in an amazing shot and proceeded to run the rack out to tie 8-8. The crowd was going wild.

In game 19, Cha broke and ran out. On the hill leading 9-8 now, Cha broke and made another ball on the break and faced a jacked up shot as the cueball lay over a ball and she had to shoot length of the table off angle shot on the 1ball. She nailed it perfectly.

“That was a helluva shot”, murmured Johnny Archer watching the match from a distance.

Cha was set up for an open table run, and she executed the run perfectly down to the final 10-Ball. Looking at the shot, getting down, and then up ne more time the nerves were showing. The steely eyed Cha then regrouped and stroked an off angle shot on the 10-Ball for the win. A big smile formed on her face and she was overcome with emotion as she had to sit down. She got up to embrace her mentor and coach Charlie Williams as he paused his own match to come over and congratulate her victory.
In an amazing comeback performance, Yu Ram Cha overcame a 8-4 deficit to defeat former World 10-Ball and US Open Champion Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening.

In an amazing comeback performance, Yu Ram Cha overcame a 8-4 deficit to defeat former World 10-Ball and US Open Champion Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening.

“That girl is going to be a force to be reckoned with”, said Nesli O’hare, former top WPBA womens pro.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's

Every day we live & love is a miracle. Wishing all the mother's a very lovely day that is only yours. Make sure you do something for your mom - make her favorite cookies, take her to her favorite restaurant, spend the day with her...let her know how amazing and strong she is.

I want to send a very unique and special wish to my beautiful mom. I know that you are always near to me although I cannot physically see you. You are always in my heart and thoughts.

Always hope and eternal love~

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Need help to keep from wasting time?

Are we really busier than our parents were when they were our age? Do you ever find yourself making an excuse to friends or family that you cannot make a dinner or party because you are really tied up on emailing, twittering, visiting social websites or spending hours or cools sites like know what I mean!

As different social networks and/or social websites are created, we have part of ourselves that feel an obligation to respond to others, check in the updates of friends and family that we don't always get the chance to visit or even pick up the phone to call.

I remember in my early teens, there was no "www". Yes, there were Bulletin Boards where you could dial in on your external 56K modem and post on subjects and maybe do a little coding magic to make words show up, disappear, and show up again. After an hour or so, you hit all the BBs and read the posts. Heck it was so slow, that sometimes you would just get fed up and go back to playing video games on that Commodore64. Yikes.

Now, there are tons of addictive online social networks, such as YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Although these are great sites, and the technology behind them is pretty darn good, they are all time consumers that can impact you from doing other things that may be a little more productive.

We have all been there and get caught up on site and bam, hours are gone. Sometimes we just need a little kick in the arse to keep us disciplined. If you can't do that, then here's the perfect tool to manage that. It's called, MinutesPlease.

MinutesPlease is an online app which allows you to set up time restrictions for any website you visit where you know you spend um, too much time on.

I'm am guilty of this. I won't name the sites, but they are sites that I could (and do) splend hours and hours at night. I could be sleeping!

So, here's how this nifty little innovative site works:

1. Go to and enter the URL of the website you want to minimize your time on. Set the time limit and that site will only stay open for the amount of time you specify. It's even got the option to give you warnings when your time is about to be up. Kind of like when you are at the car wash and it starts beeping at you to feed it more quarters if you want to finish rinsing your car from all the soap suds! Once your time is up, the window (or tab) is closed.

What I really like about the site is that, there is not signup, no account information, no email to submit and it's FREE. Check it out!

Lastly, take a day or two off from email, websites, blogging, updates and just take the time for yourself to enjoy things that matter to you outside of the web world. Spend time in person with the family that loves you, the true friends that will always be beside you, pets that will always look up to you and take a nice walk in your neighborhood (get that fresh air). Heck, pick up the phone and just give them a call to let them know you are thinking about them. That means more than any email, twitter, or update about yourself.

Mother's Day is tomorrow, so remember all the friends and families that are mothers and be sure to let them know they are in your thoughts.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wanna watch a movie with me? How Bout' Star Wars?

If you are at your computer working and and want to run Star Wars in the background to pass the time, you are in luck my friend.

You can telnet to a server to watch it now. Let's start the fun:

1. Go to your start menu and type run
2. Type in: telnet
3. Click ok!

Enjoy Star Wars in ASCII (pronouces Ask-ee). It's the acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a widely used standard for encoding text documents on computers.

For those of you that say this is a complete waste of time, we'll you are partially correct. It's a darn cool waste of time. *This has been out there for awhile, but thought I'd post a reminder for those of you who have never experienced it.*

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Womens World 10 Ball Tournament going to be a live broadcast this year on TV!

Check this out. The Women's World 10-Ball Championship is going to air live this year on ABS-CBN.

Dragon Promotions and Filipino broadcast television giant ABS-CBN have entered into an agreement to air the Women's World 10-Ball Championship June 2-6, 2009. ABS-CBN will be airing the Women's World 10-Ball Championship live over the five days of the event with a guaranteed 25 hours live coverage as well as delayed taping of other feature matches. With this kind of media and $20,000 at stake for the champion, as well as an additional $50,000 for the top finishers, this will be the biggest women's sporting event in the Philippines this year.

The historic event will be aired nationally throughout the Philippines as well as internationally on ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel which covers the USA in New York, Illinois, California, Florida, New Jersey, and 30 other states, with additonal coverage in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and many more. Fifteen countries on three continents will air the matches.

"ABS-CBN is very pleased and excited to give national and international coverage to this event. The Women's World 10-Ball Championship is a historic event and will be the biggest women's sporting event of the year in the Philippines. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Dragon Promotions and billiards," said Peter Musgni, Vice President for ABS-CBN Sports.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Radio Poker Show!

There's a new Live Radio Call-In Show for Poker!

Jesse May, the former host of the television series Late Night Poker and author of Shut Up and Deal, has signed on to co-host an interactive radio show with Matt Broughton and Irish poker champ Padraig Parkinson. It's based in the UK.

The first show is this Sunday! The boys will be talking to a host of big names from the poker world, including internet master (I bow to him), Tom "Durrrr" Dwan, Neil Channing who'll be announcing his all-new Blackbelt Poker team on the show. To top it off, there will be an interview with Dan Harrington. Great way to start off the new show.

The show is going to be live and listener generated - a soundtrack to your online poker evening. It will be a central hub for online poker players to all share ideas and thoughts.

What's really cool about The Poker Show is it's live nature, interactiveness and listener feedback.

If you want to be part of the show, here is more info on how to do that:

The show will air Sunday through Tuesdays from 8pm - 11pm.

To see more about it:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bugged, Bug'd,

I spend a good portion of my day doing support and when I am home, always trying to break applications. Anyone who is in a support role runs into all types of errors/bugs with systems and software. There's a great site out there, called (cute name) and it's a really cool site that has a community of other users that posts errors and the users help eachother find working solutions. This site is basically a database of errors and solutions, posted by people for the people *smiles*.

People love to share their knowledge and new posts get answered very quickly.

The beauty of this site is that users vote on the solutions to posts so you can decide if it's a solution that is worth trying. What more could you ask for?

Check it out and enjoy - it's a site you can spend weeks, err, hours on.

Unbelievable, but true.

I came home the other day and there were two stray cats in my house. They were sitting in front of the television and watching some Star Wars movie. I sat down to join them, and realized it was Sugar and Pumpkin starring in the movie. Who know my cats could kick some Darth Vader arse?

I must say, I am very proud of them. Sugar is on the right and although looks very sweet, was prolly the one that pushed Pumpkin (on the left) into playing so aggressive in this scene. How to make a mom proud. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grand Restaurant Specials in April - Listen up!

For those that know me, you already are aware of how extremely lazy I am with cooking and love to dine out in Austin. We have so many delicious choices in our city, that it's absolute temptation on every corner. Eating out all the time can get expensive, so always got my eye out for great deals and love to spread the word.

Here are some amazingly, fantastic specials going on this week.

1. TGIFs: $.01 Appetizers and buy one meal, get one for $1!

- Buy any beverage at the bar and get any appetizer for .01 (yes, one cent). One per person.
- Buy any entree and get the next one for $1.00

You can either sign up for their Stripes club (free) at:

or you can print the coupons from this link here and use them as well:

These expire on April 20, 2009

2. Threadgills on North Lamar - FREE dinner (one per person)

This is an Austin classic. It's where Janis Joplin got her start. It's an amazing piece of Austin's history. They recently shut down for a few months to remodel and they are open. It's great food, great service, and great atmosphere. You'll see.

Eddie Wilson (owner) is convinced that if you go there, just once, you'll fall in love with the food, the folks, and the heritage that is Threadgills and you'll be back over and over. He made a special announcement on KGSR this morning...

One week only: Monday April 13 through Sunday April 19, 2009 (as seen on the inside front cover of INsite Magazine) - Wilson is going to buy you dinner when you visit the North Lamar location. No strings attached. Just go in anytime after 4:00pm and sit down for a great dinner. Don't forget to tip your waitstaff!

On the same note, here are some specials that are at our local restaurants all the time. Check them out if you haven't been there before.

1. Docs Motorworks on S Congress: 2 for 1 Hamburgers all day on Mondays.
2. Hut's Hamburgers on W 6th Street: Enjoy two-for-one burgers at Hut’s from 6pm to 10pm on Wednesdays.
3. Boulevards Sports Bar & Grill on Far West Blvd: 2 for 1 Hamburgers on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. They are very yummy.
4. Boulevards Sports Bar & Grill on Far West Blvd: 2 for 1 Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken on Thursdays.
5. El Mercado Mexican Restaurant: 2 for 1 enchiladas on Wednesday night. Great food. Check em' out.

I'm hungry now. *smiles*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taken care of that cue...

We all go through this. You play all the time and tend to take your cue for granted. It's important to keep that baby clean! It's your number one tool in the game and never forgot that it's kind of like a life long partner. Treat it well and take care of it, and it will take great care of you.

How To Clean A Pool Cue

Pool cues often become sticky because of a build up of chalk and oil from our hands. If they are not cleaned regularly, they can become permanently damaged or even warped.

There are serveral different ways to clean your cuestick. Choose a preference and make sure you clean your cue at least once every few weeks, more often if you play daily.

Materials Needed

Cleaning detergent (dish soap or orange oil diluted 5:1 with water), 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper, and a piece of Simonis cloth or cotton cloth.

Cleaning Options

Apply your chosen cleaning solution to a cloth. Dampen the cloth, getting too much liquid on the cue may cause warping, so be careful. Clean the cue from the bottom to the ferrule. Then lightly sand the cue with 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper. This will remove any excess chalk that may be left on the surface. Wipe down the cue again with the damp cloth and dry immediately.

Check out how beautiful it becomes...*smiles*

Alright Ladies...Women Poker Events coming up

June is just creeping up around the corning and the month will be full of poker events for the gals.

Things for women to keep tucked away in the back of their minds:

1. Learn the Game: Read books, do hand simulations, study the rules of the game, play with friends, and learn all you can about the game of poker. If you are new to the game, you should learn and understand the hand rankings, the flow of the action, and the options of folding, calling, betting, and raising.

2. Start with low stake games and graduate to higher stakes: Put in time at the tables in low limit games where you can learn proper game skills as well as table etiquette. Once you beat the game on a regular basis, move up a level and repeat. Before long you will have earned your way to high limit games and proven that you have the skills and the knowledge to be a contender.

3. Keep sex out of it: Don’t play the sex kitten game at the table. It may work for you, but long term you want to play straight up and show that you are a player. The same holds true for online play and poker forums. You can make a logical statement about poker, but if your avatar is a girl that's in a bikini, you can kiss all respect from good players goodbye.

4. Male intimidation: If you feel like you are not prepared to handle male intimidation, create a unisex screen name and play online until you feel more confident in your abilities.

Here are some upcoming events that you can play in while you are in Vegas during the WSOP this year.

7:00pm - June 4, 2009 [ Golden Nugget Casino - Vegas ] [ Poker Gives Charity Tournament ] [ $200 +$30 with $50 rebuys. 50% of prize pool to charity ]

ALL DAY - June 5, 2009 ] [ Golden Nugget Casino - Vegas ] [ Friday Sit N Go Frenzy! ] [ SNGs for all the Grand Series Events & Satellites for LIPS event on Monday ]

6:30pm - June 5, 2009 [ Golden Nugget Casino - Vegas ] [ 2009 Women in Poker Hall of Fame Ceremony plus Dancing and Dinner ] [ Induction Ceremony ]

ALL DAY - June 6, 2009 [ TBD ] [ LIPS WiPHoF Super Satellite ] [ $150 + $25 Satellite winners get certificate into one of the Grand Series events or the LIPs Championship in August + Cash ]

ALL DAY - June 7, 2009 [ The Rio - Vegas ] [ WSOP Ladies Event ] [ $1000 ]

Noon - June 8, 2009 [ Golden Nugget Casino - Vegas ] [ Poker Queen Ladies Event - It's a bracelet event and winner gets a LIPS Championship seat! ] [ $200 + $30 ]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Texas BCA State Tournament 2009

Just got in from our annual state BCA Billiard team tournament at the E-Center in Harker Heights, TX (right outside of Killeen). There were 99 teams competing this year and it definitely was a learning and humbling experience.

I consider our BCA teams in Austin to be pretty strong and we had 5 Austin teams representing our city in the event. We went up and played as Crazy 8's. It was a double elimination format, with race to 13 on both the winners and losers side. We lost both our matches in the tournament and even with the solid play of our team, we got killed in the tournament.

The format of this tournament is straight up. There is not handicap, just playing one game at at time for a win. The first team to pull in 13 wins, and the match is over. It really forces you to bring your best game because all the other teams are - it's amazing play by every single player. They also had the Master's division playing -- now those are some pool players!

It was a great event overall though. Met some really nice people, had a great time with the team, got some work done at the hotel, ate at some great restaurants and had many good laughs. I wish we could rewind and step into the tournament all over again. It just ended to quickly.

They also ran mini tournaments for singles and had the speed pool event going on. The goal was to run the table of 15 balls (no particular order, as long as the 8 ball was last). You had to wait for the cue ball to come to a stop before shooting the next ball. The best time I saw was a player doing that in 1 minute and 2 seconds. Frakkin' nuts! Can you fathom doing that?!

I missed my little ones when I was gone. I had some friends come over (thank you!) to make sure they were staying out of trouble when I was away. They tend to get into everything and have a little party if they can. Pumpkin and Sugar will find the cat food and have a grand 24 hour non stop feast. Jordan will make himself king of the home and hang out on the sofa, my bed, play with my shoes and also find anything and everything to eat.

Weekend of pool is over and I miss it already. *sigh* Back to reality and the real world. *smiles*

Sunday, March 08, 2009

2009 World Pool Masters at Riviera

Billiard event sponsered by a Poker Site - pure beautifulness!

Following the success of the 2008 event, the World Pool Masters will return to the historic Riviera Hotel and Casino in May. A total of 16 of the finest players from around the world will be competing in the event, which will be staged over three days during the annual BCAPL National 8 Ball Championships.

Promoted by Matchroom Sport the World Pool Masters will be running for the 17th year consecutive year and its roll call of champions reads like an international who's who of 9 ball. Defending champion Alex Pagulayan of the Philippines will be back, as will runner-up Mika Immonen (Finland), the reigning US Open champ and P&B's Player of the Year.

Other players confirmed include World 10 Ball Champion, England's Darren Appleton; Mosconi Cup star Tony Drago (Malta) and former World No. 1 Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines. Representing United States hopes will be the top two American ranked players on the BCA Men's Point List, Shane Van Boening and Johnny Archer. Montreal's Dancing Bear, Alain Martel, will be flying the flag for Canada.

The European vanguard of five-times Masters champion Ralf Souquet (Germany) and Holland's multi-titled Niels Feijen will both be in attendance. They will be joined by top ranked European stars Nick van den Berg of Holland, England's Imran Majid, who KO'd Van Boening in this event last year, and teenage Russian sensation Ruslan Chinakhov who will be making his Masters debut. Challenge of Champions winner and '07 World Cup winner Fu Jianbo will arrive from China and 2005 World Pool Masters victor Raj Hundal, now representing India, will return to the fray at the Riviera.

There is one female in the 2009 Masters line-up and that honor this year goes to the rising star of the women's game, 21 year-old Korean Yu Ram Cha.

Once again, the Masters will be promoted in partnership with Mark Griffin's BCA Pool Leagues and the opening first round matches take place on the evening of Friday, May 8, culminating in the championship match on Sunday, May 10. Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn said: "The event was a big success for us last year at the Riviera and we're looking to build on that in May. The crowds at the Masters were good and with the outstanding line-up we have assembled this year, I am sure that we will have bumper crowds."

There will be a $66,000 prize fund, with the winner collecting $20,000. Tickets will be made available in March on the website.

BCAPL's Mark Griffin added, "BCA Pool League players love professional action. They are excited the World Pool Masters will return to the Riviera for 2009, and they hope that Matchroom will continue to honor our tournament with their participation for years to come."

Visit POOLMAG.COM for more details as the event get's closer.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Ladies Poker Tournament Site is Live!

Sorry I've been out of touch. Tons going on and not sure why the 24 hour days are flying by in 10 hours. Just dont' get it!

We just started our Spring Gals Poker Tournament, which is a qualifier for the Ladies WSOP in June of 2009 in Vegas. I've been working on creating a website for everyone to keep up with what is going on with the tournament and also provide some cool poker links and information. Check it out AustinPokerGirls and if you are interested in playing, let us know. The only requirement is that you are a female, and no, dressing up like a female will not be accepted. It's a great group of women and we always have a good time.

"Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." -- Charlotte Whitton.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

Today was our Tri-Cup tournament for 8-ball. Our team got first place last session, so we got a seat at Tri-Cups this year. Just walked in from an amazing 14 hour day at Slick Willies.

The place was packed when I walked in about 9:30am this morning. Today was single elimination for the teams, so if the teams didn't when 3 out of their 5 matches, they were out. The first round started at 10:00am and half the field was eliminated. We won our first match 3 - 1. It was an extremely tough match, but the team really focused and brought their best game out. The team shot lights out and that put us in to play at 2:30pm. We started out strong and pulled another victory of 3 - 0 against our opponents who played very well.

We took a dinner break for about an hour, then our next match started at 7:00pm. Our opponents were tough this round, as it get tougher as teams are eliminated and you are playing winning teams. The team pulled together and won 3 - 1 to put us into Sunday's bracket. If we win our 10:00am match tomorrow, that seats us for regionals, which is the tournament to go to Vegas to compete.

Today was such a great Valentine's Day. Spent it with people I adore, we had chocolate covered strawberries (I'm in heaven) and we shot solid the whole day. Tough to beat that! I wanted to send my thanks out to those who wished me well at the tournament today -- you are all so thoughtful and your good wishes carried us through. Thanks again (you know who you are). *Hugs*

Heading to sleep now, morning will be here soon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turn the River

There are not many movies that are about billiards -- guess it is kind of hard to do a film that can keep an interest from the audience. There have been some great movies such as The Hustler and The Color of Money that will always be known.

There was another billiard movie that was released in 2007, but never made it big. The title of the movie is, "Turn the River" - that definitely peaked my interest. It sounds like a poker movie and it seems to have a "Rounders" feel to it on the previews.

Framke Janssen (also in X-Men) stars in the movie as a pool hustler. She's a really gorgeous brunette, but has a down to earth look about her as well. I could see someone like her as a real hustler type, the kind that noone would suspect. She looks like a badass on the table too! The preview looked great, so I am in the process of downloading it now (at 30%), so should be able to watch it in the next hour or two. It's a little slow since there are not many seeds.

While it's downloading, I'm going to make a fruit salad with mandarin oranges, grapes, apples, kiwi, pineapple and strawberries with a splash of OJ in it to keep it yummy. Then I can curl up on the sofa, play the movie and enjoy a nice chilled salad. I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Moving on to good times -- Tri-Cups

The team did awesome last week, so we are playing in Tri-Cups on Feb 14th. Yes, I know what day this is - it's the same day that Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system on Feb 14, 1990. Can you believe it? We are playing Tri-Cups on the same day in history! We are missing our secret Weapon, Tanya, in this photo since she was out of town working last week. We sure did miss her, but she was with us in Spirit. We'll get another team photo taken so we have one of all 7 of us to put up on the wall. If we do well in Tri-Cups, we are heading to Regionals which qualifies us to compete in Sin City. That's what I'm talkin' about.

This is our team, Cue's Your Daddy! Left to Right, starting from the top.

Totally Amazing Tanner, Rolling over the other players Ronnie, Noone can stop him Nick, Jack the ball up Jen, Preying on the weak Phil, Totally killer Travis and our missing anchor (who will be in the new photo), Tear them up' Tanya!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How can we not appreciate a President that plays pool?!

Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, surely you can appreciate this image of President-elect Barack Obama which appeared on the cover of the New York Daily News in early December. New York Daily News photographer Scout Tufankjian followed Obama throughout his campaign photographing the Presidental candidate from a different perspective.

According to the Daily News article, "He's a really good pool player," says Tufankjian, "and he comes up to me and goes, 'I bet you thought I was going to suck at this. I bet you thought this was going to be like the bowling. I got some game.'"

Billiards aside, today was a great day. How wonderful for each one of us to be a part of this monumental day in history. His inaugural speech was not only articulate, but truly moving. I, along with many others, wish him and his administration great success.

One of my favorite parts of his speech today which included the word "Grand" (I love that word):

"And so to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born: know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman, and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and that we are ready to lead once more." B.Obama

My blessings to our new President and the United States of America.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Say it ain't Frakkin so!

I FORGOT to record the first episode of Season 4.5. I knew I needed to do something this evening and it was bugging me all day. Just now it hit me and hit me hard *ouch*. The sad part is that there is ONLY ten episodes left of the show and this is the last season. So dreadful.

I'm sure many are feeling the same as I do. I bet there was even Frak parties around Austin for the first episode of 4.5. Gah - I missed out.

I can download this episode from iTunes, but I really love sitting down with a pizza, fruit punch gatorade, turning the lights out, grabbing a blanket and relaxing on the sofa as I watch Battlestar Galactica. Did I mentioned, that I missed it!

I'll record the rest of the episodes so there shall be no excuses for me not watching it. This is by far, one of the greatest shows to ever air on television (Sci Fi channel). If you have never watched it, I highly recommend you watching all 4 seasons. You'll be hooked. Let's find out who the final Cylon is (although there's much more to the series than that).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Team did it!

The pool gods were definitely with us tonight. We went 3-0 as a team and each match was solid. There were some unbelievable rolls, shots, and opportunities that we couldn't have had without them. I often joke about "pool gods", but I really do believe in the idea of them. Not an actual God that support billiards, but the spirit of believing in something although it's not really there. We all walked in the pool hall tonight with the thought that something was going to carry us through this -- well, that "something" is each person's own mental thoughts that they are going to play the best they can and with the combination of skill and opportunities, they will win.

They all did. Phil went up first and his match went hill/hill. Phil was definitely in the "zone" tonight and he felt it, and more impressively, he played it. His opponent was tough and shot extremely well, but Phil shot lights out for a solid win. He set the momentum for whole evening.
Great way to start off the play off match and thanks for the win!

In the blind spot, we put up Ronnie, one the most solid players in the league. He's the type of player that opponents know is solid on the table and when Ronnie walks into a room, everyone knows he's there and is a danger to be reckoned with. Ronnie's strengths, among many, is his break and flow on the table. He's got a good rhythm, solid stroke and very tough to play against. His match went hill/hill as well and he won his final match to bring our 2nd win in. It's the first team to win three matches and the game is over.

We then put up Travis, who recently went up to a skill level 7. In APA, that is the highest skill level there is, and once you reach that level (and he very much earned and deserved it), you are a fierce player. He made some impressive shots and kept great cue ball control on that games. He shot beautiful and brought in another win for us in his match.

Since we won the first three matches, no one else needed to play and we ended with a victory. I'm really amazed with the level of play on the team and I'm pretty lucky to have them as my teammates. Tri Cups are next month, so that gives a month to sharpen our skills and play our best in that tournament. It will be tough, but I really like tough *smiles*

Oh, we are also changing our team name after having the same one for years. It's "Cues your Daddy?" Pretty cute and every time I hear it - I giggle. Fun to giggle...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotta Pray to those Pool Gods tonight

"Dear Pool Gods, I ask that you help carry us tonight. Please give us good rolls on the felt, let all of us be in the "zone", keep our cue ball on the table on the break (we all know who I am referring to on that), give us a few break and runs, an 8-ball on the break, and make sure the rails are not dead for those unpredictable bank shots that we may have to do. Keep the billiard devils away from us, no matter how tempting they are and let us make the Pool Gods proud. BTW: Is there a pool table in Heaven? If not, then I'm not going!" *smiles* Seriously, I'm looking forward to tonight and we are all going to have fun no matter what.

Tonight's our final play off game for the Fall season. Last week we won, so that allowed us to get qualified for Tri-Cups in February. Tonight is for the title - either 1st or 2nd. The main differences between the two:

1. Braggin' rights
2. A nice 2" thick billiard plaque with our team picture on it that hangs in Slick Willies. It's quite nice, solid wood backing with the names engraved.
3. 3 Inches...The smaller trophy is 3" smaller than the first place one. Important.
4. It's just plain cool to come in first as a team. We play as a team, win or lose -- we do it together. We'll have fun either way (but hope to win) *smiles*

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let the action begin!

The 11th Annual Derby City Classic Event is at the Horseshoe Casino & Hotel this year. It's the largest billiard event which includes 9-Ball, One Pocket and 9-Ball Banks tournaments. Those are three main events and off course, there is tons of action for those side games. If you are not playing, then you can bet on players with some side action. This event is open to all players, pro or amateurs, so anyone can play in these events.

Here is the list of events:
2009 Event Dates

9-Ball Banks
$110.00 Entry Fee(Entry fee includes a $10.00 registration fee)
Total: $110.00
Entry Jan. 23rd, 10am $50.00 Buyback
Players Meeting,12 Noon
Match Play Begins at 1:00pm

$135.00 Entry Fee(Entry fee includes a $10.00 registration fee)
Total: $135.00
Entry: Jan. 25th, 10am $75.00 Buyback
Players Meeting,12 Noon
Match Play Begins at 1:00pm

$160.00 Entry Fee(Entry fee includes a $10.00 registration fee)
Total: $160.00
Entry: Jan. 28th, 10am $100.00 Buyback
Players Meeting, 12 Noon
Match Play Begins at 1:00pm

9-Ball Banks Mini-Tournament Player Entry
$25.00 Entry Fee(Entry fee includes a $5.00 registration fee)
Total: $30.00
Limited to first 64 players Race to 5
Tuesday, January 27th
Match Play Begins at 12:00am

9-Ball Mini-Tournament Player Entry
$25.00 Entry Fee(Entry fee includes a $5.00 registration fee)
Total: $30.00
Limited to first 64 players Race to 5
Saturday, January 24th
Match Play Begins at 12:00am

One-Pocket Mini-Tournament Player Entry
$25.00 Entry Fee(Entry fee includes a $5.00 registration fee)
Total: $30.00
Limited to first 32 players Race to 2
Friday, January 30th
Match Play Begins at 12:00am

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Keep an eye out for these dates: WBPA Tour 2009

WPBA Regional Tour Championship
February 21st - 22nd, 2009
Tournament Venue:
The Parlor Billiards & Spirits
700 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 300 - Bellevue, WA 98004



San Diego Classic
April 1-5, 2009
Tournament Venue:
Viejas Casino
Alpine, CA



Great Lakes Classic
June 17-21, 2009 **Tentative**
Tournament Venue:
Blue Chip Casino
Michigan City, IN



U.S. Open
July 29 - Aug 2, 2009
Tournament Venue:
Riverwind Casino
Norman OK



Carolina Classic
Sept. 9-13, 2009 **Tentative**
Tournament Venue:
American Tobacco Campus
Durham, NC


Pacific Coast Classic
Oct. 14-18, 2009 ** updated as of 12/18/08***
Tournament Venue:
Chinook Winds Casino
Lincoln City, OR



WPBA Championship
November 11-15th, 2009 ***Tentative***
Tournament Venue:
Seminole Hard Rock Casino
Hollywood, Florida


I think I have corrupted my nephew

My goodness, where do I start. My nephews came to stay with me for a couple weeks this summer and I had the best time with them here. My youngest nephew, who is 6, was so facinated by my video games, my adorable pets, my hours on the computer, e-mail, billards and saw a bit of poker. We played lots of video games (and yes, he um, well, um, beat me), he paid so much attention to my pets, was on my computer anytime I wasn't watching, and went with me to pool league to watch and learn how to play.

He asked if I would show him how to use e-mail, so set him up a gmail account. I didn't really think he would use it since he could only type at a minimal. Gosh now, I get e-mails from him, and more recently he figured out how to use gmail's IM client. He's got this incredible mind where if he learns about something, he digs to find out exactly what it is capable of and how it works. I am amazed.

How this began...I'm checking my e-mail, then all of a sudden a chat window pops up and it's him! We chatted for a bit and I was so impressed how he could carry on a conversation and his spelling was perfect. He figured out how to change the status message on his chat profile. As witty as he is, he changes them periodically. I was logged in yesterday and saw this:

I laughed so much and thought it was adorable. Miss. Pool - that's how he refers to me. About an hour later, it said this!

Again, he always spells my name right - it's the little details that never cease to impress me. He's very thoughtful and always puts a smile on my face when I hear from him.

Now, he knows I have a passion for billiards and poker, so he likes to ask me about it. Today, I was viewing his profile and saw this. What?! Online poker?! He likes to call himself Mr. Sly.

If he ever reads my blog, I hope that he forgives me that I have corrupted him. I should be the aunt who teaches him how to play baseball, soccer, karate, build tree houses, create kingdoms with legos and build go carts. I need to change my own habits to be a better aunt. Hmm, maybe not *smiles*

He's impressive.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cute things about kids

I got the most pleasant e-mail from my nephew today. He's recently become a internet and computer guru and loves technology. He's had tons of experience at the amazing age of 6!

Seriously, he's turning 7 tomorrow and I got this e-mail from him today.

"hi jennefer im going to be 7 tomrrow im going to behappy"

This made me smile ear to ear. I love that he always spells my name correctly - always. He types unbelievable without looking at the keyboard and his spelling is at 98%.

I missed the days when we are turning another year older and we are happy about that. As we get older, we tend to shun away from turning another year older. I should adopt his belief. I'm going to be another year older and I'm going to be happy. Think I need to make a t-shirt that says that.

I don't get to see him as much as I would like. Geez, sure do miss him.