Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bugged, Bug'd,

I spend a good portion of my day doing support and when I am home, always trying to break applications. Anyone who is in a support role runs into all types of errors/bugs with systems and software. There's a great site out there, called (cute name) and it's a really cool site that has a community of other users that posts errors and the users help eachother find working solutions. This site is basically a database of errors and solutions, posted by people for the people *smiles*.

People love to share their knowledge and new posts get answered very quickly.

The beauty of this site is that users vote on the solutions to posts so you can decide if it's a solution that is worth trying. What more could you ask for?

Check it out and enjoy - it's a site you can spend weeks, err, hours on.


whall said...

hmm, I've not heard of that but it sounds great!

starryjgal said...

Check it out! So maybe I'll bug (bug'd) you less often. Prolly not;)