Friday, January 16, 2009

Team did it!

The pool gods were definitely with us tonight. We went 3-0 as a team and each match was solid. There were some unbelievable rolls, shots, and opportunities that we couldn't have had without them. I often joke about "pool gods", but I really do believe in the idea of them. Not an actual God that support billiards, but the spirit of believing in something although it's not really there. We all walked in the pool hall tonight with the thought that something was going to carry us through this -- well, that "something" is each person's own mental thoughts that they are going to play the best they can and with the combination of skill and opportunities, they will win.

They all did. Phil went up first and his match went hill/hill. Phil was definitely in the "zone" tonight and he felt it, and more impressively, he played it. His opponent was tough and shot extremely well, but Phil shot lights out for a solid win. He set the momentum for whole evening.
Great way to start off the play off match and thanks for the win!

In the blind spot, we put up Ronnie, one the most solid players in the league. He's the type of player that opponents know is solid on the table and when Ronnie walks into a room, everyone knows he's there and is a danger to be reckoned with. Ronnie's strengths, among many, is his break and flow on the table. He's got a good rhythm, solid stroke and very tough to play against. His match went hill/hill as well and he won his final match to bring our 2nd win in. It's the first team to win three matches and the game is over.

We then put up Travis, who recently went up to a skill level 7. In APA, that is the highest skill level there is, and once you reach that level (and he very much earned and deserved it), you are a fierce player. He made some impressive shots and kept great cue ball control on that games. He shot beautiful and brought in another win for us in his match.

Since we won the first three matches, no one else needed to play and we ended with a victory. I'm really amazed with the level of play on the team and I'm pretty lucky to have them as my teammates. Tri Cups are next month, so that gives a month to sharpen our skills and play our best in that tournament. It will be tough, but I really like tough *smiles*

Oh, we are also changing our team name after having the same one for years. It's "Cues your Daddy?" Pretty cute and every time I hear it - I giggle. Fun to giggle...


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Congratulations!

Love the new team name, too.

whall said...

CONGRATS. And good luck at Tricups. Our team didn't make it, but Christy's did, so I'm sure we'll be up there to cheer you on.

Love the name.

starryjgal said...

@Ren: Thank you! It's always so exciting. I'm like a kid in a candy store.
@whall: Thank you! One of your teams ALWAYS makes it, so will see you guys there. Bring Jaden so I can see his mad skills on the table!