Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Tilt is in the pipeline


ESPN has announced its new gambling TV show, "Tilt". Brian Koppelman of Rounders was developing a series with ESPN. It was originally pitched to be about college gambling, but the series that made it is about the World Series of Poker!

The dramatic series will air on Thursday nights beginning Jan. 13 (9 ET), with one-hour shows that will explore the drama of high-stakes gambling, as well as the action away from the table where greed and revenge fuel conflict, power plays and deal making. Link for more info.

Introducing Alita - Battlefield Angel

Who is Alita?
Alita is the girl that Ido finds in the scrapyards and brings home without knowing what he has really found. That it is the most beautiful girl ever and she will group up to be the best you can be. Alita is a dreamy and always struggling to find out who she really is. Alita has no memory from her past and doesn't really know how she had the gift of knowing the martialart Panzer Kunst or the "Armorted Arts". It is said to be the most powerful of the various fighting techniques developed for Humanoid Cyborgs.

Alita Continued....

Since she discovers her knowledge of the Panzer Kunst, she decides to be a "Hunter Warrior" just as Ido is. It is this decision that will trigger the whole new life for Alita. Alita is very kind and fair to all people she meets not judging from color of the skin or if the person is rich or poor. Alita's struggling for knowing about Tiphares "The Cloud City" and the scrapyard will soon prove not be be an easy task. Along the way she will be kind of finding hersleft and will meet many people good and evil, but they will all be part of something bigger and have some part in Alita's destiny.

Mental Game of Billiards

The mental aspect is actually MORE important than the physical. A smart, focused, intense player with limited physical skills can beat a dumb, unfocused, slack-ass with a perfect stroke every single time. Pool is not sumo - physical skills are far less important than being able to out-think your opponent. In the world of professional pool, almost everyone has a great stroke. What separates them on any given day? Their ability to think their way through racks, their efforts of concentration, their sheer will-power. Any monkey can learn to stroke a cue in a straight line. It takes a lot more commitment to bear down on every single shot, to get that focus going and perform the same action over and over again. Not only are those parts of the mental game important, so is learning how to focus, how to concentrate, and how to use that knowledge during a match. And although I've seen many a player blow up because of a mistake, pros generally have an even demeanor. This allows them not to focus on the negative, and to allow mental energy to be spent on the table, not stewing over a missed shot.

The best players, though, aren't the ones blessed with just a perfectly straight stroke. The best players aren't the ones with 200 IQs. The best players have the best combination of physical and mental talents. In other words, a great mind coupled with a great stroke will combine to create one hell of a player. Just as I said above, though, all other things being equal, like equipment, environment, and stroke, the intangible that separates players is the ability to use their minds.

Kara and Andrew get Engaged!

MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas - August 23, 2004

What started out as our annual trip to Vegas for APA Billiards turned in the the most memorial day of their lives. Andrew asked Kara to spend the rest of her life with him during a late night, romantic dinner at MGM Grand. I'd have to say that there are no two people that are more suited (Ace/Queen of Hearts) for eachother.

Congratulations to you both
On the joy you have found with eachother,
I know the days ahead will be filled with eternal love.

Gods Blessings are upon you.