Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

Today was our Tri-Cup tournament for 8-ball. Our team got first place last session, so we got a seat at Tri-Cups this year. Just walked in from an amazing 14 hour day at Slick Willies.

The place was packed when I walked in about 9:30am this morning. Today was single elimination for the teams, so if the teams didn't when 3 out of their 5 matches, they were out. The first round started at 10:00am and half the field was eliminated. We won our first match 3 - 1. It was an extremely tough match, but the team really focused and brought their best game out. The team shot lights out and that put us in to play at 2:30pm. We started out strong and pulled another victory of 3 - 0 against our opponents who played very well.

We took a dinner break for about an hour, then our next match started at 7:00pm. Our opponents were tough this round, as it get tougher as teams are eliminated and you are playing winning teams. The team pulled together and won 3 - 1 to put us into Sunday's bracket. If we win our 10:00am match tomorrow, that seats us for regionals, which is the tournament to go to Vegas to compete.

Today was such a great Valentine's Day. Spent it with people I adore, we had chocolate covered strawberries (I'm in heaven) and we shot solid the whole day. Tough to beat that! I wanted to send my thanks out to those who wished me well at the tournament today -- you are all so thoughtful and your good wishes carried us through. Thanks again (you know who you are). *Hugs*

Heading to sleep now, morning will be here soon.