Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our group photo from Play Offs @ Slick Willies

We must thank Moby's friend for taking the pictures (all of us forgot to bring a camera)! This wrapped up our Spring 2006 Session - now we gotta prepare for the Tri-cups. *So excited*

Friday, May 19, 2006

We did it!

O my O my...I don't even know if I can express the right words. But let's pick up where I left off last week...

Our team plays at Slick Willies in Austin, Texas. Tonight was the final playoff match, 21 Ounce Cues (that's us) against The Usual Suspects. I'm going to take a few steps back to and give you a quick snippet of our history playing against that team.

The last two times we played them during our league session, they beat us *cough cough*, 5 - 0. For each win a player gets against their opponent, it's a point. They spanked us 5 - 0 during the last two matches. We are not pround of that, but it's fact. Nopenopenope, cannot erase it. So, yeah, we were the underdogs going into this match tonight.

To win the playoff match, your team needs to win 3/5 games. First team to win 3, and it's over.

Here's how tonight unfolded:

1. Moby is up first and wins 2 - 1! He closes his match (and win) out by making a gorgeous 8 ball shot with ease. Moby is one of our secret weapons and it was such a pleasure to have him on our team this session. I'm sure glad he was on our team and I never had to play him. Wooo, thank goodness! Awesome shooting Moby!

2. Diya is up second and she shot beautifully. Here's where the pool gods come in (heh - it's the blog name, what can I do about that). I think they felt bad for the other team losing their first match. The pool gods would actually make the object balls rattle in the pockets or move the cue ball to a horrible place where she didn't have a good shot to run out the table! Evil pool gods, so Diya had to be the bigger person and say, "Hey Pool Gods, you are right...I'll let the other team win one game. But that is it!" Diya is an AMAZING shot and one of the prettiest pool players aka "Pool Shark" you'll ever meet. Also I'm going to let a secret out. If you ever want to really impress her, just wear a maroon shirt. Trust me on this.

3. Tyler is up third. He's on fired -- shot a solid game and shot with confidence. He won 3 - 0 against his opponent. (BTW: His opponent, Pablo, is one of the most solid ranked "4s" I know and he's got the best sportsmanship). Tyler, thanks for bringing us a win on such a key match. That win, really helped us to have an advantage over the other team. Superness job! (Is that even a word?)

4. Before I introduce our 4th player up, I want to let the whole world know that our team has played unbelievable this sesson as a team. That's the key part, the TEAM. I couldn't have played with a better group of guys and gals. Okok, sorry to go off on another tangent. Back to the PHILSTER. Phil is up for our forth match. The reason this is so important, is if Phil takes down this match - we win playoffs and get a seat in the Tri-Cups!! Phil is matched up with a very solid 4 on the other team who shoots like a 5! Phil made all the right decisions, all of the perfect shots, perfect leaves, simply amazing. He practiced on Sunday for over 6 hours and it definitely showed in tonight's match. Phil was calm, confident, solid - dead stroke and couldn't of played a better match! He won 2 - 0 and shot lights out! Phil, I can't tell you enough how much you impressed everyone. You shined tonight and thank you for bringing in the win!

Since we only had to play 4 total matches, we never had to play our 5th match which would of been the rubber match to break the tie. Rubber matches are the most stressful, because you have all that weight to pull in the win for the team to advance. We never had to encounter that tonight thanks to the team. Ryan, Nick, Me and Christy never had to play - but I know if any of us did, we'd all be a solid contributer.

Thanks for a great season and wonderful finish. We'll be at Tri-Cups in early June. Next milestone: Win Tri-cups and head to regionals! Let's do it guys. *big hug*

Oh, and you should see the trophies. They are gorgeous!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Ok, This was a pretty exciting evening for 21 oz Cues. We have always done well each season to make it to the first round of play offs, but never made it to the 2nd round. The pool gods always interfered somehow *grins*. Well, tonight, 5.11.06, the team pulled of a grand victory against a fantastic team. Everyone played lights out and it showed by the teamwork and team decisions throughout the evening. We couldn't of done this without our awesome captain, Ryan King, leading the way. He started the evening out by pulling in a superb win over his opponent [2 - 0]. Yep, no mercy for the opponent - he just dived in for the win. Bam Bam. Ryan rocks. The next beautiful victory was Christy Chun winning against a very tough opponent [2 - 1] - she shot amazing, played critical safeties when needed and shot like a machine during her match. Great job Christy! To close the victory, Moby got up to the felt. He is definitely one of our secret weapons and shot lights out [2 - 0]! Wowser - I'm still so excited from the evening!

What does all of this mean? Well, we play next week against the other winning team in our division. Both teams get trophies for the division (and us girls get trophies with the cute little females shooting some stick). The only difference between 1st and 2nd next week?

1st place: Qualifies for a seat in the Tri-cup which is a qualifier for the Austin Regionals + the BIGGER TROPHIES

2nd place: Still an awesome accomplishment and gets the smaller trophies (but not much smaller - say, 2 inches or so).

Great job guys on tonights play - we are going to have a great game next week!

Oh yeah, you are prolly wondering what the anime characters are above. Heh, that's us - the 21oz Cues!