Monday, May 19, 2008

Pool. Not as in the game...

Sunday in Austin was pretty darn warm. It's the kind of weather where you walk outside and the sun in beaming down on you and your skin can act as a frying pan. Well, those days call for a dip into a nice, cold pool.

A friend and his awesome wife was having a BBQ, pool get together at their home. I'd never been to one of their regular get togethers and thought it was time since I've always heard nothing but the best stories about their "come on over and don't knock on the door" parties. They are so welcoming, where you can just walk in and there is everyone! Adults, Kids and even doggies *smiles*.

I roamed through the house to end up in their back yard that has the coolest deck with a grill, canopy tent with white lights and straight ahead, a stone pool! It was beautiful - something I'd see in the movies. The water was a dark blue and the stones were all placed perfectly with a waterfall -- simply gorgeous.

This photo isn't the actual pool, but just so you can get a visual - absolutely amazing. They made scrumptious fajitas with an array of great dips and quesos to munch on while the fajita's were grillin'. Thanks for having us over and inviting everyone to your get together - I can see why everyone raves about your parties.