Saturday, September 10, 2005

Brenham - What do people do in Brenham?

Repeated Action – Jen doesn’t post for a very long time.

I’m going to start out be admitting what a slacker I am. Everyday I make some sort of small mental note that I will update my blog, and of course the days turn into weeks – which turn into months. *Dust off keyboard*

Poker front:

I’ve been spending more time in the poker arena. I play at a few regular games and got back in to the online poker play as well. I took a hiatus from online poker since my computer’s memory board got toasted a month and ½ ago during a storm that lasted approximately 1 hour. I started to smell something burning and when I removed the case on the computer…there was a steady stream of smoke flying up from the motherboard. It died…sucks. I now have a computer thanks to a good friend, Phil, who hooked me up with a great system. Thanks Phil!

The 2005/2006 WSOP Circuit started in August. I am going to head to Caesars Indiana – Oct. 19-Nov. 2, 2005. There are a couple of events I want to play – the LIPS Ladies No Limit Hold’em Event and one of the NL events that are the lower buy ins ~ 500.00 or 1,000.00. The payouts are nice if you place in the money for your investment. I might even be able to get into those events for a smaller investment through satellites. It’s still a month and a week away, so have practice time to tune up my tournament play.

I’ll admit, I probably have no chance at placing in the money – but I think my chances are the highest in Indiana compared to the Vegas or Atlantic city circuit events. I mean, “Who plays poker in Indiana?”

Come on’ poker gods….keep me safe.

My friend, Michelle, is going on vacation to see her parents in Indiana, so she'll be at the circuit event as well. I hope I don't have to play at her table though - the last tournament we play at in Austin, she took me out. We both flopped the same set - my kicker sucked. She flopped a boat (little did I know). Mental note: Never play with crap kickers...and I deserved being eliminated for playing that crap. Michelle won the tourney - she deserved my chips.

Hmm, I just thought of something. I remember getting knocked out of a tournament with another girlfriend of mine a few months ago. Her name is Kat and she did awesome and placed in the money! She deserved my chips as well.

We need more female players in Poker. Kat should be back here in Austin dominating the poker scene. Hmmm, she should also be playing in the circuit event in Indiana....Kat, "Get back to Austin!"

Billiard front:

I’ve decided that I want to move to another level in Billiards. I’ve been playing in two leagues the past couple of years and I’m at a point where I either need to focus on improving my game or give it up. I choose, focusing on my game! I’m a nervous player – let the mental part of the game interfere. I’m trying to overcome that fear, just can’t figure out how. I was speaking to a girlfriend of mine and she said, “Jennefer, you need to start playing larger tournaments.” I have played the smaller local tournaments in Austin and it’s time for me to branch out to something larger.

Ok, I’ll try it – prolly get spanked royally my first few, err, 100 times. We are going to play in the HUNTER CLASSICS AMATEUR WOMEN'S TOUR

Sept. 24-25
Legend’s Billiards and Grill
Brenham, Texas • (979) 251-7665

It’s a 30.00 investment there will be about 60 – 80 female players. Most of them are amazing shots and my goal = not to be the first person out. The most amazing part of this is that The Hunter Classics Tour is a stepping stone to the WPBA.

The tournament format is race to 7. True double elimination (ie: race to 7 in semi-final and if necessary two races to 7 in the finals. Saturday is alternating break and Sunday is winner break.

I’m looking forward to the event – Christy, Michelle and I are going to drive up Saturday morning ~ 3 hours. We are going to stay overnight to play in the 2nd chance tournament on Sunday if we get eliminated from the main event. It gives us the opportunity to redeem ourselves. Christy and Michelle are both amazing shots and I learn from watching them. Hopefully their skills will rub off on me. 3 Girls from Austin hitting the big ol’ town of Brenham. What does Brenham have in store for us? *shrugs*

Well, since the population of Brenham is , 15K - I can't imagine there being a ton of attractions. The only thing I know: Blue Bell Creamery - um, wait nevermind - only have weekday tours. Ugh.