Saturday, February 23, 2008

Billiard Sculptures - Creativity

I'm always impressed with people who are creative. Creativity is the essence of every person. Creativity starts with the imagination within our own minds and is driven by the passion in our heart. I came across a site where they make metal sculptures. Sculpures I've never seen and would never think of such a clever idea.

I definitely have this on my "to get" list. After seeing it, I spent the night pondering on where I should put it - on a specific shelf, in my room, on the end table...hmmm. Well, I'm sure it will find the perfect home in my world. This is so creative and I wonder what made the artist think of these sculptures? Easy answer, it's the creative side of the artist and it reflects beautifully in the sculptures.

Creativity is not limited to traditional art forms and ways of thinking; a person does not have to be a Picasso or a Monet to have unique art. Although, a beautiful piece of art is breath taking. We are born creative - as kids, we can take a crayon and scribble on that white wall and we think it's beautiful (I know I did). Wait, I did get grounded. Hmmm, maybe not so creative - heh. Our minds as kids can imagine almost anything, nothing is out of reach. Where does that go?

As we get older, growing in experience and wisdom, we may try different activities such as skydiving, sports (plug for billiards, join APA), collecting stamps/coins, doodling pictures of your dreams, writing poems, designing a website, creating a blog or even setting up a MONSTER enterprise to rule the world *smiles*. In the process we may discover we have a skill that had been untapped throughout our life prior to doing it, often because our creativity had been subdued due to our day to day activities that keep us responsible.

Embracing the creativity that is inside of you and others around you, and you may just find that life takes on a happier, easier hue. In stirring up that perfect coffee blend, wearing a new style of dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, buying your groceries at a store you've never stepped into, going to see a live band, daring yourself to challenge the "norm", saying something positive to the the coworker that just never really talks to anyone, or even better: simply smile. That takes courage, but the rewards are always positive.