Sunday, March 15, 2009

Texas BCA State Tournament 2009

Just got in from our annual state BCA Billiard team tournament at the E-Center in Harker Heights, TX (right outside of Killeen). There were 99 teams competing this year and it definitely was a learning and humbling experience.

I consider our BCA teams in Austin to be pretty strong and we had 5 Austin teams representing our city in the event. We went up and played as Crazy 8's. It was a double elimination format, with race to 13 on both the winners and losers side. We lost both our matches in the tournament and even with the solid play of our team, we got killed in the tournament.

The format of this tournament is straight up. There is not handicap, just playing one game at at time for a win. The first team to pull in 13 wins, and the match is over. It really forces you to bring your best game because all the other teams are - it's amazing play by every single player. They also had the Master's division playing -- now those are some pool players!

It was a great event overall though. Met some really nice people, had a great time with the team, got some work done at the hotel, ate at some great restaurants and had many good laughs. I wish we could rewind and step into the tournament all over again. It just ended to quickly.

They also ran mini tournaments for singles and had the speed pool event going on. The goal was to run the table of 15 balls (no particular order, as long as the 8 ball was last). You had to wait for the cue ball to come to a stop before shooting the next ball. The best time I saw was a player doing that in 1 minute and 2 seconds. Frakkin' nuts! Can you fathom doing that?!

I missed my little ones when I was gone. I had some friends come over (thank you!) to make sure they were staying out of trouble when I was away. They tend to get into everything and have a little party if they can. Pumpkin and Sugar will find the cat food and have a grand 24 hour non stop feast. Jordan will make himself king of the home and hang out on the sofa, my bed, play with my shoes and also find anything and everything to eat.

Weekend of pool is over and I miss it already. *sigh* Back to reality and the real world. *smiles*


whall said...

If Jordan ever wants a Dog's Night Out, we'd be glad to host him. Tigger, Jupiter, Zina... They'd all like a new playmate for a few hours (or days) whenever you go out of town...

starryjgal said...

We would LOVE that. Thank you for the offer, I will keep that in mind! Would I be pushin' it to toss in to cats that 'think' they are dogs?

Anonymous said...

It's ok Jennefer, we will do better next year. Hope to see you at league tomorrow, but I know you are staying pretty busy with work. How is the new hire working out?

whall said...

The cats would be fine. So far, Zina and Tigger haven't seemed to have any problem with them, but Jupiter chases squirrels and rabbits. We'd keep them separated if they had a problem.

starryjgal said...

@jesse - He just started today! *claps* I miss seeing you guys, but not sure if I will be there tomorrow - see if I'm caught up at work. *hugs*

@whall: The cats bark...does that count for anything;)