Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Five little halloween balls sitting on the table,
The one ball said,
"Oh my, i'm feeling a little unstable"
The two ball said,
"But we don't care."
The three ball said,
"I see the player making the cue ball flying in the air."
The four ball said,
"Let's roll, and roll, and roll."
The five ball said,
"Ut oh, our destiny is to the holes."
Then miscue went the stick,
and knocked out all the lights,
And five little halloween balls rolled out of sight!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trick or Treat. Trick or Trick Shots?

I love gadgets - things that are unique and even more impressive, that some genius thought of creating something to make our lives easier or just plain fun.

Here is a cool little rack that teaches you how to do trick shots. If you saw "The Huster", which came out in 1961, Paul Newman made this cool little shot in the movie. With this rack, you just rack the balls, aim your cue ball smack down the middle and the 6 balls will travel to their respective pockets - one in each hole. Once you get it down, who needs the rack! But until you do, rack your balls in this rack and then enjoy the magic.

If you want one, they are about 15 bucks and you can order it from a website called Things You Never Knew Existed.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The best lunch I've had in a long time.

Today was such a great day - one of those days where everything goes right, and if anything did go not as you planned, it turns out better than you could of imagined.

My closest friend said, "Let's do lunch". I hadn't seen her in over a month - She offered to stop by my work and pick me up so we'd ride together and be able to catch up on a month worth of living in 1.5 hours. Funny, it's easy to do. Everytime we see each other, we are non stop chatter boxes.

We agreed to go to our normal dining establishment, a Chinese buffet off of Burnet. They have great food, superior service with a smile (although the wait staff speaks little english, they make you feel at home). The manager always remembers us, which is something I've always treasured. He smiled and said, "You both haven't been here in awhile." All I could do is agree and make it an effort to stop by more often. Lunch was great, company was great, and the fact that the manager took time out of his day to let us know that he enjoyed having us there was great. That's 3 greats in less than an hour. We caught up on the past month during lunch and on the way back to work.

Take the time today to show a friend how much they have impacted and made your life just that much better. You don't have to even tell them - just your actions and they will know. I want to list the things that without her advice and friendship, I'd be in a different place. She knows I love change and new challenges and she's supported me 110% no matter what - noone will prolly understand this, but her. Yep, she will laugh.

1. Thanks for showing me what a real smile could look like. It took 2 years, but the metal worked.
2. Thanks for giving me advice on medicine and great doctors. It took 6 years, but now reflections aren't so bad *smiles*
3. Thanks for being there for our other friends, we couldn't of made it through our most trying time without your strength - and you know that. She thanks you and I do.
4. Thanks for all the stories and experiences - all of em'. My favorite is still the Oasis one...unbelievable.
5. Thanks for giving me the springboard to go to the big "S". That was the most important trip to date and know no trip will trumph that.
6. Thanks for always helping me with whatever endeavor I start - you've helped me every time I start out and make it that much easier.
7. Thanks for the suitcases (both of em')
8. Thanks for bringing the magazine, book, and critter and letting me know what a nut I am. You stilled smiled although you didn't agree with my decision and plan. Thank you for doing that.
9. Thanks for all the extra things you always do - the glass, the glass, and the glass.
10. Thanks for saying great words at the most random times. "Glow" "And..." "Oh no..." "Outfit!"

I've got some wonderful friends and I love lists. I enjoy creating them about things - lists for everything. I could create them and read them again 10 years later, and never forget what each sentence represents.

To end the perfect day, I've got my 4 little furry ones surrounding me on the sofa. Well, going to go back and watch my Sex & The City episodes - they are a pleasurable addiction.

Till again...good night.