Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rusty Angel & Tears Sign

I just got home and decided to rewatch Yukito Kishiro's 2 OVAs (OVA 1: Rusty Angel and OVA 2: Tears Sign). If you have never seen it, Battle Angel is a touching and at times, an emotional anime. It's a perfect blend -- it's a got the essence of sci-fi, but delivers an emotional moving story. Ah, and it's beautiful. I still can't get over the colors -- They are so rich and well balanced, yet keep that "dark sense" feel.

After watching it again, I realize that technically, this is an amazing production. The characters are full of expression, especially Gally. Trust me, there are plenty of scary, ugly lookin' characters in the OVA, but somehow Gally manages to always look cute and provide that balance.

In the OVA, the normal life in this type of future appears extremely difficult and trying. It displays the evils of humanity, the greed, the lust for violence, and the selfishness. The only thing that seems to be able to overcome these desires, although on a small scale, is pure love and dreams. That may seem sappy (and you know I'm not one for sap), but that's kind of how I see it in Gunnm.

The characters are excellent. No one seems artificial, and they all possess realistic traits and flaws that we can easily relate to. This heightens their believability and makes it easier to become attached to the characters. Gally is not your typical anime android. From her neck up, she looks human and the rest of her body is all mechanical. This is a welcome break from the traditonal prosthetic anime-babes you usually see in anime.

The only flaw with the OVA (and it was hard for me to find one) is that the series is far too short. *Ahem* TWO episodes! The manga version is very extensive, and the series could easily have been a couple dozen episodes in length. Since many questions go unanswered, most will have to turn to the manga (9 books) to learn all the secrets behind Gally.

Overall, it is driven by the characters, their raw desires, and Gally's strong emotions. Those of you looking for something unique need not pursue any longer. This is a keeper - enough said. *smiles*

"Yes!! I love being in battle. I love the moment when my body stops being a machine and becomes a part of me!! My blood boils and my mind goes all white!! It's an incredible high! There's no time to think...only action!" - Gally

Alright, the sun will rise in a few hours so I better head to bed. Sweet dreams all.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hanes Pool Commercials

Love it! Billiards is everywhere now -- It's hard to go anywhere or even turn on the tube these days without seeing billiards on a station. There's TV time on ESPN for professional pool, the new Celebrity Pool on Bravo, and now the new Hanes Commercials with Michael Jordan and Matthew Perry playing each other. *winks*