Sunday, January 04, 2009

I think I have corrupted my nephew

My goodness, where do I start. My nephews came to stay with me for a couple weeks this summer and I had the best time with them here. My youngest nephew, who is 6, was so facinated by my video games, my adorable pets, my hours on the computer, e-mail, billards and saw a bit of poker. We played lots of video games (and yes, he um, well, um, beat me), he paid so much attention to my pets, was on my computer anytime I wasn't watching, and went with me to pool league to watch and learn how to play.

He asked if I would show him how to use e-mail, so set him up a gmail account. I didn't really think he would use it since he could only type at a minimal. Gosh now, I get e-mails from him, and more recently he figured out how to use gmail's IM client. He's got this incredible mind where if he learns about something, he digs to find out exactly what it is capable of and how it works. I am amazed.

How this began...I'm checking my e-mail, then all of a sudden a chat window pops up and it's him! We chatted for a bit and I was so impressed how he could carry on a conversation and his spelling was perfect. He figured out how to change the status message on his chat profile. As witty as he is, he changes them periodically. I was logged in yesterday and saw this:

I laughed so much and thought it was adorable. Miss. Pool - that's how he refers to me. About an hour later, it said this!

Again, he always spells my name right - it's the little details that never cease to impress me. He's very thoughtful and always puts a smile on my face when I hear from him.

Now, he knows I have a passion for billiards and poker, so he likes to ask me about it. Today, I was viewing his profile and saw this. What?! Online poker?! He likes to call himself Mr. Sly.

If he ever reads my blog, I hope that he forgives me that I have corrupted him. I should be the aunt who teaches him how to play baseball, soccer, karate, build tree houses, create kingdoms with legos and build go carts. I need to change my own habits to be a better aunt. Hmm, maybe not *smiles*

He's impressive.


Unknown said...

Maybe he will thank you when he's being interviewed after winning his first WSOP bracelet in 2013 ;)

whall said...

He's lucky to be corrupted by you!

starryjgal said...

@toby: I have no doubt he'll take the title!
@whall: I don't think his parents think that *smiles*