Thursday, April 13, 2006

Check out the shark

Hmm, so ya think you can shoot a good stick? Check this video out: Landon Shuffett

How impressive is that this little kid hitting trick shots (which most people could never do) was only ahem, 7 - yes 7 years old! He's much much much older now, about 11 *smiles*. He's the 17th ranked junior player in the world.

Landon won his 50th tournament on November 2, 2005 at his home poolroom, The Rack-n-Cue, in Campbellsville, Kentucky. This victory came at his 331st tournament. M'kay - that's 331 tourneys that he has competed in around his normal school, friends, and daily activities.

His family has a website that talks a bit about Landon. Check him out at

Yesyes, I'm in awe.