Thursday, July 31, 2008

Need to have fun and be light hearted in everything you do - even Billiards

Our team had a good night last night at league - we went 4 - 1 - very sweet. My nephews have been in town with me for the past two weeks and one of them wanted to go and meet the team. Ethan is six and I can tell he's going to be a natural lil' hustler. It's in the blood. He had never picked up a cue before and he was eager to try something new. He wanted to shoot with my cue and he kept saying, "It's heeeavy...". One of the other players happen to have a cue made for kids and offered it to Ethan. Ethan with a glee in his eyes said, "Thank you! Now I can make the balls." I have never seen such a beautiful cue made for a child. He said he got it in Vegas and now I must go just to get one. I found a site that sells kids cues - check them out here: Pretty darn cute.

We practiced stance, the importance of chalking your cue, bridging your hand and the stroke. He followed all steps to a tee - it was pretty impressive to see him and of course, all eyes were on him. He could barely reach over the table, but he never gave up. By the time we left the pool hall, he had fans talking to him and all Ethan could do was smile from ear to ear with his dimples. He wants to go back!

Ethan tought me a great lesson - never take things too seriously and always have fun with what you do. I know I personally take billiard too serious sometimes and get down on myself when I don't perform well. I need to step back and realize it's just a game and there's always an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and be a ball of fire on my next game. You know how honest kids are...he said the funniest things.

Ethan say's: "I can beat you!" Rick says, "You got a dollar?" Ethan replys, "No...Aunt Jennefer, you have a dollar, I can beat him!"

"The stick is so heeeeavy"

"This game is hard." (You're telling me!)"

"I need a chair to play this game...I can't see."

"Wow! I can make long shots"

"All your teammates are good Jennefer! Can I play with your team?"

"I am good! I am good a many things...I can play Guitar Hero on expert and now I can play pool!"

" should try dipping your fries in ketchup, ranch and bbq is sooooooo goood!" (He's right)

"Hey Rick, Chalk is fweeee"
Lastly, I came across an cute billiard joke - made me giggle. Hope you enjoy:

Two drunks went into a pub and found the snooker table set up for a game."Can we have a game?" they asked the barman."Sure, it’s all free."After an hour neither of them had potted a ball."Lets speed things up," - said the first drunk."How?" - asked the other."Firstly, lets take the balls out of the frame..."