Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's all bout' the Benjamins

Let's talk a bit about making money in pool.

There are two types of players - the amateur (usually new to gambling on the felt) and the pro (who's been a gambler his whole career on the table).

This is how it usually happens:

The amateur wants to simply take down the other player on the table. The pro's goal is to win the opponent's money.

Key: It's not a matter of winning the most immediately; it's a matter of how much you win long term.

The amateur wants to have all eyes on him/her (the focus of everyone). The pro wants to remain in the dark, doesn't need the light.

Key: Once you're known for your game, you will be watched. When you're watched, people will know how strong you are.

The amateur likes to talk about his wins (never his losses). The pro wants to be liked by his/her peers.

Key: People will more likely accept losing their money and less likely to become angry if they like you - if you are genuine.

The amateur always goes for the win. The pro always knows when to lose.

Key: Dropping an occasional game or an entire session can set up the opportunity for a big win down the road.

The amateur plays his best game with every shot. The pro shows only enough "speed" to win by a small margin.

You gotta keep them in the game. There's nothing like "almost winning" to keep a person coming back.

When you ask an amateur what he does for a living, he'll tell you that he earns his money in the pool hall. When you ask a pro, he'll claim that he/she an insurance salesman.

Key: Heh, nobody wants to talk about insurance. *smiles*

I'm neither amateur or pro, but have a deep passion for the game. Think, err, know I always will...